Hello! This is the place to find out about the scribbling and doodling antics of writer, illustrator & performer Chris White. 


"...Chris White was the best author visit we've had so far - and we have had some amazing authors, and storytellers..."

KAUST School, Saudi Arabia. 


First things first. Why is this website called veggievampire.com? Well, because Chris' 1st ever published book was called Bitey the Veggie Vampire. OK? Good. Now we've got that out of the way, here's an introduction...

 Chris is a writer and poet. He comes from the U.K. and has had many books published. Some are poetry books and some are story books. 

 Chris also scribbles drawings. His creations include Bitey the Veggie Vampire, Wang Foo the Kung Fu Shrew, Woof Woof the Cat, Dave the Hamster and Stumpy the One-Legged Pigeon. He has also illustrated lots of other people's work too.

 Chris has also written for the BBC, featured on radio & television shows and travelled around the world bringing his drawing and rhyme roadshows alive for lots and lots of people. He has performed in theatres, libraries, schools, prisons, shopping centres, hospitals and festivals around the globe. 

 This is Chris' website where you can find some information about him and what he gets up to...



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